y m cost

Below are the typical cost percentages to roof your home.  These costs are universal, meaning that they apply to all contractors.  This chart can be useful when comparing bids.


Includes: Comp shingles, felt, all metals, ridge cap, starter course, fasteners, paint, silicone & roof vents


Includes the costs, both wage and administrative to install your roof.  Payroll taxes & workmen’s comp are part of this percentage.  Not included are the additional costs to tear-off and sheet (if needed) your roofing project.


Tearing off your old roof is an additional labor cost.  It includes all costs associated with the labor, but now we add disposal fees as mandated by the EPA.


When your project requires the installation of a hard decking we add the associated labor costs, plus the cost to deliver and supply the OSB.


Includes:  Liability insurance, vehicle and equipment maintenance (compressors, air guns, tires, etc.), building permits, advertising, general overhead (PG&E, phone, building maintenance, etc), all Federal & State taxes, gas, and yes, a bit of profit...

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